16th International Conference on New Trends in Fatigue and Fracture

Dubrovnik, Croatia, May 24 - 27, 2016

Fundamentals of fracture mechanics and applications

Laszlo Toth, Bay Zoltán

  1. Brief history of solid state mechanics and fracture mechanics
  2. Introduction to fracture mechanics
  3. Fracture mechanics models based on crack tip behavior of materials:
    1. Linear elastic fracture mechanics principle
      1. SIF solutions
      2. Fracture criteria at complex loading conditions
      3. Determination of crack propagation resistance, fracture toughness, standardization
    2. J-integral based concept (non-linear elastic behavior)
      1. Determination of crack propagation resistance
    3. General yield fracture mechanics
      1. Determination of crack propagation resistance
  4. Crack propagation at creep conditions
  5. Fracture mechanics applications
    1. Definition of crack propagation sensitivity index of structural components at different loading conditions
    2. SINTAP procedures of crack evaluation
    3. FITNET procedures of crack evaluation
    4. Standardization
  6. Material correlations for crack propagation resistance assessment
  7. General problems in every day application of fracture mechanics
  8. INTERNET service for overcoming the general problems (material databases, SIF solutions, on-line mathematical applications, etc.)